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Areas served

Our locksmiths work the entire city of Decatur. 

Therefor as long as you are in one of the zip codes below when you need locksmiths services you're inside of the areas our locksmiths serve:

  • 30030


  • 30031


  • 30032


  • 30033


  • 30034


  • 30035


  • 30036


  • 30037

For your business

We are the right choice of commercial locksmith services company for your business. We are open 24 hours every day, our locksmiths can help with lockouts, door lock change, security locks fix &/or install.

And that's just a few of the commercial locksmith services that Car Locksmith Decatur GA provides for the businesses in our community.

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For your home

For homes we will always be the locksmith services company of choice in Decatur. As our professional locksmith services team can get you back in your home after a lockout in no time. We can also make copy keys for door locks and we can rekey any door lock.

So if you ever lose your keys or need to lock someone out we can rekey your door lock and make new keys for it.

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For your car

We are about to get a bit more detailed since car locksmith services is our expertise.

If you are looking for car locksmith services that are fast & friendly, affordable and ready any time day or night and goes to your location; you are at the right place.

Since here at Car Locksmith Decatur we are open 24 hours a day, including holidays. And that means that our locksmiths will help you get the car keys past the locked door locks. Also help you create a a car key replacement for your door lock if your car keys ever get lost or stolen.

Our car locksmith services can help you replace and repair door locks from all car brands. Plus replacing a door lock before it breaks can help you avoid needing a car locksmith to unlock your door locks for you. 

And then replace the door lock on top of it anyways. At Car Locksmith Decatur we strongly recommend you get it done pre-scheduled rather than as an emergency car locksmith service.

Now don't get me wrong, we know that you not needing the emergency car locksmith service does means less profits for Car Locksmith Decatur. But everyone here and all of our locksmiths are perfectly fine with that, as we, our staff, our locksmiths and our families live and work in Decatur.

Go ahead and call us to 678-310-8583 to request any car locksmith services. And we will be right there to help you promptly with the car locksmith service you need.

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